Thursday, March 15, 2007

From our window we have a great scenery of the Nile.

your mission, should you choose to accept it,
is to explain the difference between "scenery" and "view"
to someone who thinks these words are synonymous

You must do this in the middle of a lesson whose focus is
• vocabulary: describing cities and towns
• grammar: comparatives
You failed to do your pre-lesson language analysis
(CELTA 101, cmon!)
a simple question of meaning and use
but now
you are in the middle of an activity
you are trying to make your rounds correcting errors
while the students are busy peer checking
you are trying to finish proofreading each pair's sentences before all the pairs have given eachother feedback
time is running out
what do you say?

"Ah..., you mean 'view'. In this sentence you must use the word 'view'.

time's up!

"ok, I will explain this to you later/tomorrow, I'm sorry"

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